Keepsake Capsules

"Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory" - Dr Suess

With the New Year right around the corner it's a constant reminder just how quickly time flies; especially if you have children. It's really true what they say: "they grow up so fast". That's why it is very important for me to have a keepsake capsule of important mementos as my kids grow. However, you can have a keepsake capsule for anything; weddings, college, friendships, memorials, the list goes on!

Therefore, todays blog is all about keepsake capsules. How to make one, what to put in it and the appropriate way to store to preserve the items.

What you'll need:

- A storage box / suitcase / trunk

- Acid free tissue paper

- Important mementos

- Photo sleeves

What I have in my keep sake boxes:

- Sonograms

- Invitations from my babyshower, their baptisms, birthday parties, etc

- Cake topper from baptism

- Monogrammed masks from hospital (hopefully we can look back and say "remember the years we had to wear those!")

- The post it note the doctor gave me with the gender of my first child

- Their hospital take home outfits

- Hand written cards from loved ones

- Our family Christmas cards throughout the years


- Include photos: It's always nice to have a few photos of memories you will want to reflect back on in the future. Take your time to pick them and write on the back what event the photo is from. I included my daughter's sonograms, and newborn photos.

- Protect your items: If you are storing paper or any clothing it is important to use acid free tissue paper. This will protect your keepsakes from humidity and light. Photos should be in photo sleeves so they don't stick together after time. Not only do I wrap clothing in the acid free tissue paper but I wrinkle some and leave at the top to cover my items.

- Keep close by: Don't store these boxes in a hard to reach place. They must be accessible where you won't forget about them. I picked suitcases that went with my bedroom décor. I see them daily and they are a reminder if I need to add to them.

- Make it Personal: It's nice to customize your memory box. Whether that means getting a plain box and decorating it yourself or purchasing one you can monogram. Mine had the option to customize a short name on the tags. Therefore each box has my daughter's name. If your memory box is from an event like a wedding it's nice to have the date monogrammed.

Below are several keepsake boxes I found online that I thought were so cute! I included the exact one I have as well. Remember, you don't have to buy a fancy box. You can easily use one you have and decorate it. Jars are always an option too! Download the LTK app or go to their website to sign up. This way you can view all of the items below. Be sure to follow Hayes & James!

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