Christmas Cookies

One of my favorite traditions is baking Christmas cookies. Each year my mother, mother-in-law, and my kids get together for a morning of baking. I even send out little invitations to make the day seem of importance, but the invites I save as a keepsake. My mother in law gets creative and adds a loop to the back and uses them as ornaments every year.

3d Invitations by MintSprigDecor

This year our cookie menu consisted of Raspberry Thumbprint cookies (my favorite), Chocolate Chip cookies, Butterscotch Balls, Chocolate Chip Nutballs, and Sugar cookies! The chocolate chip and sugar cookies we just buy a store bought mix to save time but the other three we make from scratch. I tried to find a recipe online that was like the one we used. There are so many variations and my recipe is the simplest so I will attach below.

*BAKING TIP: Leave butter out overnight the day before you plan on baking.


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