Butterfly Themed 1st Birthday

My sweet Gigi turned one and I wanted to have an intimate celebration with family in honor of her big day. I am very happy with how everything turned out. Scroll down to see the planning process, and links to products and vendors. . .

The first step to planning any party is to pick a theme and color story. As a design major we were always taught to make a mood board (shoutout to my FIT alum #iykyk). If you think mood boards are silly and you have a Pinterest account.... that's basically an online mood board. See my mood board below:

1st Birthday Mood Board:

First photo is Gigi's actual invitation / All other photos from Pinterest

Gigi's nursery has these beautiful ombre pink and purple butterfly decals which inspired me to use butterflies as the theme for her first birthday. If anyone is planning on purchasing these be aware I ordered the pack of 100 and it took a month from when I placed the order until they were delivered. So it you need for a deadline be sure to order early!

These are great because you can add the butterflies to anything and it becomes butterfly themed. The butterflies were placed on invitations, frames, backdrop, centerpieces, and after the party I took them all off and placed more on the walls of my daughter's rooms.

The next step was the centerpieces. I found these fun picket fence planters that were perfect! If anyone purchases these please know they are narrow. I couldn't decide if I wanted faux flowers in them or just have tissue paper with some balloons attached. Thankfully my go to decor company was available and knew exactly what to do with them. Amanda, from MintSprigDecor used both the tissue paper and a mix of florals to create this gorgeous centerpiece! I couldn't have been happier with the finished product.

One thing every party needs is a photo backdrop. I feel like this is so important because not every venue is decorated to your liking. A backdrop will allow you to take photos and block out any unwanted scenery. I found the perfect image on Pinterest and sent over to MintSprigDecor to recreate and put her own spin on it. You can see how beautiful it came out! The making of this backdrop can be seen on her instagram under reels.

Lastly I want to make it known that all my vendors are women owned small business owners. I think it's so important to support your community and their small businesses. If you live in North Jersey make sure you contact these fabulous ladies for your party needs.

Women Owned Small Businesses:
Mint Sprig Decor

This is a one stop shop for all your party needs. From backdrops, to centerpieces, from cake toppers, to balloon mosaics be sure to contact her for your next event.

IG: @mintsprigdecor

Website: mintsprigdecor.com

Location: Woodbridge, NJ

Zilpa's Desserts

You think a dessert is just a dessert until you see Zilpa's works of art. Her chocolate covered strawberries are so beautiful they are called "Glamberries". She can make any dessert go with a party theme and really upgrades any dessert table.

IG: @ZilpasDesserts

Location: Secaucus, NJ

Jill's Sweet Kitchen:

If you are looking for cookies that not only are beautiful but are delicious look no further!

IG: @jills_sweet_kitchen

Location: Clark, NJ

Product List:

All products are affiliated links

3D Wall Butterflies : These butterflies come in two sizes and already have self adhesive on them. We used them basically on everything! After the party you can reuse them for nursery/ room decoration. See last photo from Gigi's nursery.


Fence Planter Centerpiece : Perfect for any garden themed party. They are so beautiful some family members took them home to use as decor!


Large Mesh Butterflies for Backdrop : These are large mesh butterfly wings that are seen on the backdrop. MintSpigDecor spray painted them rose gold and added them sporadically on the backdrop. The various sized butterflies really brought the backdrop to life.

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